Two young golfers are whisked away by the magic driver that takes them around the world.....

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A world adventure golf book for young readers!


 “I can say that Ross has created a gem.. It can be enjoyed by all because there are several “bonuses” contained in the book. These bonuses provide life lessons everyone can take and apply to their everyday lives."

                                                         -Steve Engbloom, Editor, Pro Golf Now

“Jason T. Ross's first book will not only entertain your 8-12 year old children, but will also inspire them to dream, seek solutions, and appreciate kindness. Although written for a younger age group, the writing is poetic in places and sophisticated- taking into account the intelligence of the audience- a truly clever book"       

    -Victoria Cromwell, Managing Editor,  Tee Times Magazine, August 2011 Issue, p.23 

"A golf adventure in exotic Thailand seemed an exciting proposition to me even if I wasn’t a golfer...The Magic Driver is a fast read and for every golfer and non-golfer alike, the adventure is one worth driving, with pure thoughts and an enchanted stick of a driver"

                 -Geraldine Borromeo, Contributor, The Daily Tribune, About.com- Golf


"If you have children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces that have any interest in golf, I am pretty certain that they will enjoy this first book of what he hopes will be an adventure series, from Jason Ross."

                       - Barry Rhodes, author of, "999 Questions on the Rules of Golf"


"This is a wonderful gem of a book. I read this with my seven year old and he loved it. Not only was he constantly laughing, he was completely wrapped up in the action. He's much more interested in golf than he was before he read this book, and he wants to travel to Thailand too...I hope this is the first in a series of adventures, because I know my son would love to go along with Justice and Gigi wherever Mr. Ross cares to take them" 

                                                                                           -Amazon.com Reader



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